Product Design

Our Project

We’ll take the logo and graphics we’ve created just for you and integrate them into a layout that matches your vision.  The end result will be an eye-catching, fully responsive website that represents who you areas a company.

If we’ve learned anything from the past few years, a digital presence is an essential part of running a business.  While social media shapes a large part of your online presence, we’d argue that a good website carries the most significance. Why? Because you own it. You can use it to control the way visitors interact with your brand and how they purchase your products. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with ever-changing social media algorithms.  Good website branding encompasses everything from the way you make a logo to your website copy and CTAs.

Product Branding 

To understand website branding, let’s first look at the concept of branding. Branding encompasses all steps a company takes to shape how a customer perceives them. Branding cannot be easily quantified, but its success is rather measured by the emotions felt in the symbiotic relationship between brand and consumer.

Why you need a branded website

According to Siteefy, around 1.14 billion websites exist in the world, with 175 new websites created every minute (that’s three every second). This noisy and competitive space continues to grow, offering businesses a lucrative opportunity to grab the attention of a global audience.  And while you can quickly and easily start a social media profile to support your business and branding efforts, you should simply think of it as a stepping stone to your website.  Think about it: Your website is available 24/7 for both new and returning customers who want learn more about your brand or, better yet, convert and generate sales for your business.